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Aljezur - Portugal 

The way to Happiness! Onda Vicentina guesthouse - rooms for rent


On the way to the ocean, just between the wonderful beaches of Monte Clerigo and Arrifana, we'll be delighted to

welcome you to Onda Vicentina guesthouse.


Our location, in the Southwest Algarve and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, is highly strategic: we are located at a 5 minutes drive from Aljezur, 22 km from the Alentejo borders; 40 minutes drive from the south coast and just 45 minutes from Monchique, the highest mountain in the Algarve (903 mt).

Either along the cliffs or the mountains we have amazing hikes: the famous Rota Vicentina and Via Algarvia pass just by our property and attract lots of people from all over the world.


We will be happy to welcome you in our guesthouse, where you will relax in our comfortable rooms with private toilet, 

enjoing your holidays and visiting the beach of Arrifana and Monteclerigo where you can have amazing surf sessions!


Our coastline is simply breathtaking, with a large variety of beaches set between steep cliffs, soft hills and sandy dunes. Three of the most beautiful beaches are less than 5 minutes drive (Arrifana, Monte Clerigo and Amoreira).

It is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday and to connect with nature. And some surfing, of course!


Our nearby beaches are a paradise for anyone wanting to try surfing. There are waves for everyone: powerful and big ones for the advanced and small and mellow ones for absolute beginners.

You might have a beach day enjoying the sun, be brave and surf our waves, hike along the stunning trails of the "Rota Vicentina" and, at the end of the day, enjoy the sunset from one of the breathtaking lookout points nearby.

Back at Onda Vicentina guesthouse, have your rest in one of our chill out corners in the garden, have a sit at our gazebo enjoying a beer or a tasty portuguese wine and end your day in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Things to do


Beautiful surf spot in Algarve, West coast. Onda Vicentina guesthouse - rooms for rent.
Surfing in Algarve




Grab a board, get into the water and enjoy surfing on the legendary waves of the Atlantic ocean! 
And if you want to learn to surf, certified instructors will be there to give you the best tips to stand up and catch the first wave of your life!

Hiking along the cliffs in Algarve Portugal
Hiking Rota Vicentina trails in Algarve Portugal




Hiking along the Rota Vicentina (around 450km of walks divided into short sections) is the best way to experience nature and enjoy the breathaking west coast landscapes, discovering magic hidden spots and beaches!

The Fishermen's trail (part of the Rota Vicentina) which connects the beaches of Arrifana and Monte Clerigo is at only 20 meters from Onda Vicentina.


Motorbike racing in Algarve Portugal
Algarve racing track

Autodromo Internacional

do Algarve

The Algarve's modern race circuit is located just 45 minutes from Onda Vicentina. One of the world's most famous motorbike events is hosted here: the Superbike World Championship which usually take place in September.

The Autodrome also has a Karting track, which is an adrenaline-filled attraction for adults as well as children!  

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