Hi everybody from Michele and Flavia! Looking positively to the future, everything is slowly coming back to life and, from June 2020, we will be there ready to welcome you again at Onda Vicentina b&b!


We stayed closed from the beginning of the season 2020, but we didn't stop working and thinking about the best and safest way to welcome our guests in the next future.

Mainly, we would like to tell you Onda Vicentina is a small b&b and all its rooms have an own private bathroom and private access via our garden: that means that you will never have to share any indoor common space with other guests to step in your room. Being a small b&b which can host just a small number of guests, the spreading is potentially way smaller than in a larger places.


Here are some of the most remarkable points for a safe holiday at our place:

  • We will not shake your hand to greet you on arrival, like we were used to.

  • We will make an effort to keep 2 meters distance from our guests at all times.

  • There is a larger intermission of 6 hours between check out and check in to air the rooms.

  • Our garden, with its gazebos, tables and sunchairs, is large enough to respect the safety distance among guests.

  • All cleaning is done by us - the owners - and not by third parties cleaning companies, so we grant you we will put all our effort to perfectly sanitize your room.

  • The hand sanitizing gels are available for guests to use.

  • We always wash all our linens at 60˚C, the recommended temperature to make sure your washing is hygienically clean

  • We always wear gloves and masks when cleaning the room, sanitizing door handles, taps and fittings, flooring, toilet flushers, toilet paper holders, towel racks, light switches, drawer handles.

  • Our common spaces will be cleaned and sanitized several times a day.

  • There will be signage in the rooms to remind guests to wash hands frequently with warm water and soap at least 20 seconds each time or use alcohol-based sanitizer.

  • In case of Covid19 infection we have a containment plan to face the situation and give help to our guests.

  • We will stay informed with updated and reliable information on COVID-19.



For any doubt, please feel free to ask us! We'll be there for you all, we hope we'll see you soon at Onda Vicentina b&b!